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Tina Eck  &  Keith Carr

Irish Traditional Music
Washington DC


 Lilt's 10th anniversary CD, "X", is available here. Guest performances by Billy McComiskey, Donna Long, Josh Dukes, Zan McLeod, Seán Heely, and more.

"This is a Lilt with real fizz, platinum quality.  Well done!!"

- Irish Music Magazine

lilt noun  \ˈlilt\  1: a spirited and usually cheerful song or tune   2: a rhythmical swing, flow, or cadence   3: a springy buoyant movement.

“Lilt” -- a duo consisting of Tina Eck on flute and whistle and Keith Carr on bouzouki and banjo -- are trying to impersonate all of the aforementioned definitions of their name with their music.

They play the traditional dance music from Ireland:  jigs and reels, polkas and hornpipes, the occasional slow air or vocal number.  Lilt loves and tries to capture the essentials of Irish traditional music:  boundless energy, wildness and melancholy.

Lilt Steps2.jpg
Cliffs Ireland.JPG
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"A sound that...will seize you by the shoulders with a quiet yet prodigious intensity."   - Boston Irish Reporter


nominees for
2011, 2012, 2013,
 2014, and 2015


Nominated for
the 2012 Irish Music Awards in two categories

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