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Lilt's newest CD, "X" (July 2019),  marks our tenth year together --hence the "X"! The album presents a collection of Irish traditional and contemporary tunes in a variety of forms -- jigs, reels, set dances, polkas, airs. We are joined by a guest lineup that includes some of the very best Irish musicians in America: Billy McComiskey on accordion, Donna Long on piano, Josh Dukes and Zan McLeod on guitar, Seán Heely, Philippe Varlet, and Peri Leighty on fiddle, Jim Stickley on bodhran, and Sean-nos steps from champion dancer Kate Bole an appearance by renowned klezmer clarinet wizard Seth Kibel!

"This is a Lilt with real fizz, platinum quality.  Well done!!"

- Irish Music Magazine (Dublin), September 2019

"Eck and Carr have a terrific rapport – the 10 years they’ve been playing together as a duo have clearly given them great insight into how to connect musically, and the way they show this on “Lilt X” is what gives the album its strength."

- The Irish Echo (NY), October 2019


Little Falls front cover RGB.jpg

Lilt's third album.  We are joined by a stellar lineup of guests: Josh Dukes (guitar & Bodhran), Graham DeZarn (fiddle), Eileen Estes (vocals), Conor Hearn (guitar), Kristen Jones (cello), and the dancing feet of Shannon Dunne (Sean-nos dance).

Lilt CD Onward front cover.jpg

Our second CD, with guests Joe DeZarn (fiddle), Jesse Winch (bodhran), Mitch Fanning (fiddle), and Alistair Watson (cello).


Lilt Demo cover.jpeg

Our first album.  We visited the studio one afternoon (during a raging blizzard!) and recorded our demo.  We still have a few left.


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