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Irish Music Magazine, March 2012 edition
Lilt's CD "Onward", reviewed by Eileen McCabe

The phrase 'a lilting pace' sums up this recording. Onward created by the duo of flautist Tina Eck and Keith Carr on strings derives from years of playing and sharing tunes around the Washington DC session scene. These tunes are steeped in tradition whether it is the recent or the deep past and the sleeve notes tell a tale of melodies discovered and the stories behind the familiar airs.

These airs are very recognizable to discerning listeners of the old traditional and the more contemporary, ranging from the likes of The Ivy Leaf and Mayor Harrison's Fedora taken from the pages of the O'Neill Collection to The Trip to Miriam's composed by the young Manchester fiddle player Colin Farrell, (is it about Mulligan's of Amsterdam?) the tracks emit an air of restful resonance and soothing tones.

The Liz Carroll composition The Ornery Upright is full of well-modulated phrasing and Eck's flute is full of life and is carried into the well known Paddy Fahy's by Carr's strings and the rhythmic beat of Jesse Winch's bodhran.

An undulating string intro to Grainne Hambly's The Thorn Tree paves the way for McGoldrick's Farewell to Whalley Range and both slip jigs are enunciated with meticulous clarity. Joe DeZarn's fiddle adds spice to the Hanley's Tweed set which flares into Considine's Grove the tempo rising to a flourishing finish.

Onward will suit listeners of every degree. The tracks are well defined and would be of a benefit to any budding beginner and the long time session frequenter also stands to gain too, as they relax into the entrancing quality of a well-administered tune.

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